The REDDOXX Outlook Addin can be either installed manually or deployed via Software Deployment.
When performing a Software deployment, additional registry files can be provided with preconfigured settings.

The REDDOXX Outlook Addin is available in: Downloads (registration required).

The following steps are required to install the REDDOXX Outlook Addin after downloading:

  1. Start the msi file to install
  2. Click next and accept the license agreement
  3. Per Default the Addin will be installed in the path C:\Program Files\Reddoxx\REDDOXX Outlook AddIn\
  4. Confirm with "Next"
  5. Click "Install"
  6. The setup is completed with "Finish"

The Addin is now available in Outlook

To perform an unattended Installation, the msi files can be installed via msiexec and additional parameter.
The following examples can be used (Keep in mind to Change the MSI Filenames accordingly)

Installation of MSI Files (/i is for install, /q for quiet)
msiexec /i "ReddoxxAddInSetup-en-1.6.10811.0.msi /q

Deinstallation of MSI Files:
msiexec /uninstall "ReddoxxAddInSetup-en-1.6.10811.0.msi" /q

The registry Settings for the REDDOXX Outlook Addin can be found in the following registry path.
If necessary, these Settings can be adjusted by using the software deployment in your company.
The Password cannot be provided in this way, so the user has to enter the password at least once (when SavePassword is set to dword:00000001).


The start module (that is the first view the user will see after logging in) values can be defined as:

Startmodule SpamQueue:

Startmodul Maildepot:

Startmodul MailSealer: