After logging in to the REDDOXX Mobile APP, the Spamfinder and Maildepot can be selected via the top left icon.
The options panel (in the corresponding queue reachable via top right icon) provides you with "search options" and "select addresses"
In the search options, the search fields as well as the archive display period can be adjusted.
"Select Addresses" can be used to filter the displayed mails dependend on your or your deputy addresses
Mails in the Spamfinder Queue can be delivered and additionally the address or domain can be whitelisted (top right icon).
Mails in the Maildepot can be delivered again via options => deliver (top right icon).

Global Settings are found in the top left corner
There you can adjust the App Language, the Start View and Security Options
In The Security Options you can create an additional password, fingerprint or face id based unlock method